11 August 2009

Bronte Visit

On Sunday, Pamela and I went to Oakville to visit my grandmother. Upon looking up the area on a map, I discovered that the part of Oakville where my grandmother lives is called Bronte. I like that I can thus be more geographically particular about it so from now on I'll refer to the area likewise. Bronte is a charming place I want to visit more often. Along a great distance of the lakeshore there's a lovely path (pictured) with a generous allotment of benches for weary pedestrians or the ubiquitous dog walkers.* While it would behoove one to mind the copious goose droppings, the path affords a very pleasant and beautiful walk either eastward to Coronation Park** or westward to the marina. Downtown Bronte is very nearby and equally worthy of a visit, as it contains sundry non-chain shops. One can take the GO Train to Oakville Station and probably take a bus to this area. Should we go for a picnic?

*It often seems that the majority of pedestrians in such places are out simply to walk their dogs. I wonder how much emptier public spaces (especially parks) would be if dogs didn't exist?

**My grandmother used to take me to Coronation Park when I was a small boy and we would always sit at this weird tree and I loved it.


  1. thats a great tree. you should get some shots of it yourself before it's gone

  2. also - i really like the name of this blog

  3. Should we go for a picnic? Yes we should, with Bibi!

    Plus, I really like your first point about dogs compelling people to use public spaces. I hadn't thought of that before.

    Another thing I like about that area is that there are also sometimes fluffy little brown bunnies around. Plus, kindly strangers say hello to you! This is something I find strange, and have only experienced in suburban/small-town NS before.

  4. Lindsay: Thank you. Sometimes I like the name.

    Pamela: Yes, I was initially going to mention that in the post, that it's a small enough town with low enough population density that people say hello to each other.