12 November 2009

Our Improving Waterfront

I was on Google Maps recently looking at Toronto, as I am wont to do, and happened upon this view of the waterfront just east of Spadina. Clearly this aerial view was captured a few years ago as it reveals a conspicuously barren plot of land where HTO Park now sits. Seeing this and the similarly unused land to the west (which likewise now houses a park), as well as the perfunctory, pre-WaveDeck deck, really accentuates the improvements to our waterfront made in the last two years or so by Waterfront Toronto. Next up is Sugar Beach, the construction of which is now underway. UPDATE: Google updated their map, so now the barren parking lot image is gone.


  1. I've been so close to the waterfront around there (on Queen's Quay, mostly), but I've seriously never seen the Wavedeck or the HTO beach. We'll need to make a trip!

  2. Yes, I always love going there. It's a fun place to go, like a summer day vacation spot. It would be interesting to be there in the winter, though. Let's do.